About Us

"Dream. Work. Conquer." Three words that encompass all aspects for living life fully and producing ingenious work. Three words that begin and end with one film company- Dream.Work.Conquer.Films

The talent in their ability to envision and execute proposed ideas for music videos, commercials, and films has gained a solid a reputation of excellence for consistently surpassing levels of innovative production and creative quality beyond client expectation.

Certified with a film-concentrated degree from the Art Institute of Dallas, director Jeff Adair and his team deliver professional work composed of technical precision, advanced knowledge, and a consistent drive towards leading edge innovation.

As masters in the use of technologically advanced tools for outstanding film work, they can explore all the available elements to push potential to the max with full access of a well equipped production studio expanding all possibilities in directive execution.

The creation process is fueled by the light-speed brilliance and inspiring vision in the quest to turn ideas into a living experience for everyone involved making it. This teams captivating energy is an addictive thrill that is refreshing, engaging and productively motivating which stimulates a collective focus on the results desired.

"Falling in love with ideas and doing them." This is their passion as film artist. Itís the combination of enjoyed fulfillment in doing the work itself and going through the experience of the entire film work process, their natural desire to excel above and beyond any average standard, and the unprecedented imagination of a profound genius with limitless vision.

It is each separate element of a whole that sets this film company above any limited standard. Those three separate words not only represent the name of a remarkable film production company...

"Dream. Work. Conquer." is the balanced composition of what this team is made of.